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According to Government statistics, in 2012/13 there were over 2,300 fires in Restaurants, Cafe's, Public houses. London Fire Brigade sources, report that there is a kitchen extract duct work fire, on average, every 9 days in the Greater London alone.


Fires are rarely started within a kitchen ventilation system. Most fires start from faulty overheating appliances, thermostat failure on deep fat fryers is a common cause along with flames from uncleaned Salamander grills or flares from Charcoal grilles.



Flash over fires can typically generate temperatures between 700º C - 1000º C but if they continue, can rise to above 1200 ºC.  The FPA RC44 (Fire Risk Assessment) advises that grease within a ventilation system will spontaneously ignite between 310ºC and 360ºC, and the older the grease deposits, the lower the ignition point.  Regardless of where the grease deposits are within the system, they will ignite when the temperature in the system rises above 310ºC - 360ºC.  It is temperature, not direct exposure to flame that will cause spontaneous ignition.



Once a fire take hold within the ductwork system, it is capable of spreading the fire to other parts of the building. Hot gases escaping from poorly fitted ducting joints or access panels can ignite rubbish or other detritus close to the duct; in addition, metal is a good conductor of heat and can transfer the heat to wooden or other combustible structures of the building or material close to, or touching the ductwork, ie toilet rolls, paper boxes etc.



For restaurants, catering businesses, hotels and takeaways, keeping your extraction and ducts in perfect working order is vital to ensuring your kitchen is efficient, safe and compliant.It is now becoming more and more a requirement of your insurance to have the work carried out at least every 12 months but many of our clients are requesting it to be done twice a year.

From supply and installation to cleaning and repairs - no-one knows more about your system than Duct Cleaning Service. With 35 years of experience, we can provide you with the very highest standard of service, weather you want us to source and supply the right system for you or need a professional cleaning and maintenance service.


Wet Film Thickness Test

This is the test method recommended in TR/19, for measuring the amount of grease within a system before and after cleaning.we detail the locations for testing,testing method and the measuring instrument.

Surface Grease Deposit Limits.

200µm as a mean across the system, Complete cleaning required

Any single measurement above 500µm, Urgent local cleaning required 

The primary method of assessing risk is visual. This visual assessment can be supported by testing, to determine the actual level of grease deposits present within the system. B&ES TR/19 sets out testing protocols and procedures, as well as limits, above which cleaning is recommended.


Frequency Of Cleaning

Some of the factors which determine the frequency of cleaning are the type of cooking appliance, it's usage and the quantity of cooking taking place. Many insurance companies now stipulate that cleaning should take place at 6 monthly intervals or more. TR/19 gives some guidance on frequencies. You're ducting needs to be cleaned to keep your kitchen safe from fires and to ensure your insurance is not void. With a Duct Cleaning Service you will get a professional steam and mechanical clean with a high pressure steam cleaner, powered brush and good old fashioned elbow grease!. All to the recognized standards of TR/19.

We will even provide you with photographic evidence and certification to prove how well the job's been done!,and for insurance purposes.



Here at Duct Cleaning Service we can help you with your installation needs weather you want to upgrade your system, need an installation for your new premises or Installation or removal of your fish and chip range.


Getting the right parts for your system is vital to ensuring its working at its best. Duct Cleaning Service can find all the parts you need, from new ducting to fans and motors.


Keep your system in top condition. Duct Cleaning Service are here to provide you with maintenance and repair, so you know your ducts are working efficiently and effectively.

To find out more about Duct Cleaning Service's offer for bars, kitchens, restaurants and takeaways across the UK - get in touch with us today.

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We are now able to service your chipper and peelers, please dont hessitate to call for all your chipper and peeler needs. 

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